World 2030


  • Axel
  • DR. Facebook
  • DR. Twitter
  • Adam
Axel, just came to the current century by a time machine. He was old fashioned, but up to date according to the past. His eyes were opened in a big giant hall, that was at the side of the road. The
clock struck 11 A.M.
He was not feeling well, and was not in the senses. Walking for the quest to medication, he stopped
near a doctor’s clinic. ‘DR. Facebook a big board was lying top of his head, and he entered. 
The room was filled with laptops and internet devices. He was unable to identify them, as they seemed fake. After a wait for some time, he found a chubby man, with weird gate and nondescript sort of personality.
“Hi, I am Dr. Facebook. You can call me FB. How can I help you?” the massive man humbly asked to Axel.
“Look Dr. there is a pain in my head, and I am tired” the reply was in no second, seeking the medicine.
Suddenly, a laptop was in front of Axel. “Please login to your Facebook” Dr. Facebook asked to do so. “What Facebook? What is this thing?” Axel replied as he was still watching the laptop. 
“O’ man. You don’t want to open it here. Hmm” the Dr replied to the patient. He started to write some precautions. “ 3-4hours Facebook use, don’t like anyone’s post, update the status daily and don’t forget to poke” Axel pronounced what the Dr. wrote on the prescription. This is
not less than a nightmare.
The Dr. requested to like his page and profile picture on the Facebook against the fees. Axel’s mind was swinging and he kept the prescription in the pocket. He thought that these are some medicines or some precautions, that are very effective and successful.
Seeking the medicine, he again stopped at the next clinic. ‘DR. Tweet was the name of the clinic. He was still confused about the last happenings. The door opened and he was in a big hall. He found a chubby man again, that was walking in the hall.
World 2030
World 2030
“Hi, I am Dr. Twitter. You can call me Tweet. How can I help you?” the Dr. spoke to the patient. Axel was quiet and just handed over the prescription to the Dr. Twitter.
“What? Are you serious? You are not going to follow these precautions” the Dr. hastily replied. “How the hell he could start prescription?” Dr. followed his words in a high tone. “He? Who he?” Alex asked, as everything was unclear.
The chubby man told that Dr. Facebook has done M.phil in Facebook, while he has done P.H.Din Twitter, with a successful thesis on ‘ How to Tweet?’  Axel was just listening and listening and till now, he had evaluated just two words ‘Facebook and Twitter’. The Dr. pointed out to a picture, where he was standing with a nobleman. “This man is Jack Dorsey” the Dr. replied.
“You don’t need to bother, sir. Just follow me and post some daily tweets of entertainment. You will be fine in a couple of days” the Dr. claimed and started to use his laptop. Axel left the hall and was standing again in a street, that was empty.
Alex started to walk in the head direction, where he found a hall filled with people. He saw many
people, with something in their hands (phones, tablets and laptops) that has a mirror. People are using their fingers and seemed deaf and dumb.
Some mirrors and screens were showing Facebook, Twitter while some Instagram and other things. Alex observed them for an hour and was confused that no one spoke with each other. These people and things seemed fake to him or he convinced himself as these are just illusion.
World 2030
World 2030
“Real man” the voice bumped from behind, and a giant man with a reasonable personality was behind him. “My name is Adam” the man spoke to the Alex. I am very much glad to see that you are not an addict to these technological vampires.
“Nowadays, it is really a tough job to find the reality. Everything is fake” Adam narrated to the man, and he had a spark in the eyes. “The world is now addicted of social media, internet and all such stuff. When someone tune into the internet, he found a list of fake news and information. People suffer from cold attitude, disease and many other physical disabilities” the man spoke to Alex, with an offer.
When I found someone not addicted to these things, I call him as a ‘Real man’, just like you” the man
praises the Alex, as he himself didn’t know the reality of the Alex.
“Finding What is real is the mission of our team” Adam narrated and he wanted that Alex should also
join the team. Adam and Alex started to walk in the opposite direction of the hall.