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Introduction to Graphic Designing Corporate Design | Typography

Polish Your Creative Graphic Design Skills with the Best Graphic Design Course in Gujrat

From getting a basic understanding of color choices to creating branding and corporate design, master your graphic design skills with our Graphic designing course in Gujrat. From basic image editing to in-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw, our trainers will guide you to create visuals that resonate with the target audience. So join our course today and become a top Graphic Designer in no time!

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What you’ll learn

You will learn about the basic understanding of Graphic designing by knowledge about the color theory.
You will become proficient in selecting the right colors by understanding the concept of elements of design.
You will learn about the Principles of Design which will help you to create a design within a composition.
You will be able to design brand images which will help you to stand out in the digital market.
You will learn to make corporate design images to advertise your brand and products.
By understanding the design composition, you will able to communicate with the audience in a user-friendly manner.
You will gain an understanding of the use of Graphic designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.
You will learn about typography to convey product information through effective packaging designs.
You will become a master in social media engagement by making eye- catchy Social Media Posts.
You will learn about creating vectors which will help you build high-quality images and logos.

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Graphic Designing Course in Gujrat

Graphic Designing  Specializations

This course includes:

Learn from Industry Experts
Hands-on Training
Access to Graphic Designing Tools
Authentic Certifications
A Job Opportunity at the end.

Course content

  • At AtoZ Learn Hub, our Graphic Designing Course in Gujrat goes beyond the theoretical approach. Our instructors will guide you through basic design principles and the use of graphic designing tools. This course will help you to create a dynamic portfolio to show your skills to the world. This skill is a path to shape your thoughts.

     If you are creative enough but have no idea how to create a balance between visual elements to get a unified design, then this course is where you can acquire a complete understanding of it. Use Your Designs as a Visual Tool to Communicate with the World. So, join our course now.


  • Basic Internet Browsing Knowledge
  • Access to a PC or a Laptop
  • Basic Understanding of Designing


Muqarrab Javed

Senior Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing Course in Gujrat
BS (Multimedia & Digital Arts)
4.5 Instructor Rating
Certified Teacher
9 Courses

I am Muqarrab Javed, a Professional Visual/Graphic Designer with Seven years of hands-on experience working with some leading international companies. This journey is defined by collaboration with some of the leading businesses worldwide, where every keystroke has contributed to the success stories of renowned businesses. Join our Graphic Designing Course Now!

4.5 course rating

Thank you for the amazing, elaborate, and easily understandable graphic design material. It helps me to increase my skills and knowledge. A great course to start and now I can create book covers, logos, print design, social media design illustrations.

Hassan Ali

A great course covering the basics of Graphic Design theory. I learned a lot and recommend this as the first course if you are new to the subject. Sir Muqarab explained everything in detail. I am impressed!

Hina Manzoor
Our aim is to make you a skillful person so that you can earn decent employment on your own. We don’t sell courses, but we make you able to be your own boss.

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